Java Concurrency

1. What is Multitasking ?
    Brief description of Multitasking . What is Process-based and Thread-based multitasking ?

2. Understanding Threads with example.
    What is a Thread in Java ? How to create a thread using Thread class and Runnable    interface? 

3. Thread interference and memory consistency errors.
    Describes what are the problems related to Multithreaded communication -
    Thread  Interference and  Memory consistency  errors . How to avoid memory consistency errors ?

4. Race condition in Concurrency.
    What is Race condition in concurrency ? How to fix the same ?

5. Immutable objects in Java.
    What are immutable objects ? Why do we need them ? How to create an immutable object ?

6. Intrinsic Locks and Synchronization.
    What is Synchronization ? What is reentrant synchronization ? 

7.  Inter thread communication showing the usage of notifyAll() method.

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